What We Do

What We Do


Individual Focus: 

We are both Co-Active coaches and work with individual corporate and independent clients. The individual coaching journey is powerful and very personal. It is a platform for reflection, growth, and empowerment that can bring dramatic change for leaders.

Leadership Cohorts:

This is our bread and butter. We believe in teams and the power of leaders (setup with the right incentives, principles, and culture) to be the bedrock of an effective organization.  We will train, guide, and align your leaders on core principles so they can carry the torch of change forward throughout your organization.


We are skilled teachers with backgrounds in adult learning and class design. Covering topics like Mindset & Incentives, Accountability, Product thinking, Leadership, and Fundamentals of Agility we have the tools necessary to build new capabilities into your organization. We will build on the relationships we’ve made with your teams to provide the right training at the right time, as opposed to creating generic packages.


We have deep expertise in product development, process & work system design, management, and leadership. When digging into a specific problem or leveraging our backgrounds to identify practical solutions is the way to go, we will focus in this area.

The dynamic between you is really good; it never felt improvised even though you had next to no time to prepare, and you cover many different angles.

Alisdair J – Design Director

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