Our Vision

Our Vision

To transform organizations by creating lasting, sustainable, and fundamental change.


Traditional consulting is often about delivering a package, teaching a concept, or re-architecting a process or pattern. We focus on the “being” over the “doing”. What are the behaviors? What are the incentives? How does the implicit and explicit culture drive those things?

We will work through your leaders to create alignment, understanding, and growth to drive real and lasting change at your organization.

Lasting and Sustainable

Two days of training and then “sayonara” often leads to frustration. Your leaders go back to their teams and try to implement their new learnings. They inevitably run into problems. Who do they ask questions to? How do they contextualize the difficulties they’re experiencing? How do they understand if the wall is with the process, or them, or their team? This often leads to cynicism because the academic element of that training was “just the beginning”.

Real understanding takes time and repetition. We will form leadership cohorts with influencers at your organization to plant the seeds of lasting change. Transformation doesn’t happen overnight, and it requires shifts in behaviors, incentives, and mindset. This is the kind of change and education that Valarin specializes in. We’re invested in your team’s long-term success and change, not just a short training course.


There are 3 layers on which change can happen at organizations.  Process, Product, and Culture. We instinctively go toward process changes to “fix” things (trust us, we’ve been there). Some clever organizations and consultants will focus on the product or value.

We focus on the culture. It’s the deepest of the 3 and the one most likely to create impactful change that sticks. From there we will “work our way up” to product and process. This first principles, human-focused approach creates a strong bedrock that your leaders can build on.

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