Available Classes

Available Classes

“Reframing Agility” teaches a healthy mindset and practices behind successfully working in our ever-changing and collaborative world.

“Reframing Agility” teaches a healthy mindset and practices behind successfully working in our ever-changing and collaborative world.

About this event

Agility. A word that causes disdain in some and passion in others. It’s everywhere, yet somehow we’re still struggling to solve the same old problems. The focus is always on the tools: SCRUM, Kanban, SAFE, or whatever the hot new thing is. We keep applying these techniques to solve the problems we see, but our teams end up confused, jaded, or even angry. It feels like we’re stuck in a time warp. What’s gone wrong here?

We’re focusing on the wrong things: Agility isn’t about process. It’s about transformation of our mindset and behaviors. If we focus on and internalize them first, we can build a process that sticks.

Reframing Agility is a course in Agile Fundamentals, taught by two veteran leaders who’ve worked for decades on teams at Riot Games and elsewhere. We’ve used agility in the real world and shipped real software, and we’re excited to share those experiences. We’ll focus on building a culture and way of thinking first. Armed with that principled foundation you will understand why we do estimation, iteration, and continuous improvement the way we do. It will also set you up to continue being effective long after this class.

After this course you will know:

  • The Agile mindset and how to build a culture of learning on your team and in your org. This will provide a crucial foundation for you to employ this process and adapt your own!
  • How to be Agile every single day at work and in the world, as opposed to learning a rigorous standalone process that doesn’t always apply.
  • How to set up a baseline Agile work system and process on your team. Estimation techniques, Retrospectives, meeting culture, collaboration, Prioritization, and project planning. All tied in with a deep understanding of “why” this stuff works the way it does.

Everything in the course is taught through practice and “hands-on” interaction. You will work with a real team in real-time implementing the concepts. This course is full of practice, exercise, and demonstration, not just a long lecture. You will leave with real experience.

This course is ICAgile Certified, and each participant will receive an ICP (ICAgile Certified Professional) certificate. ICAgile is the premier certification body in this space and focused on building real understanding and adaptability into leaders.

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