A Journey Into Leadership: Defining My Intuition

Nearly 10 years ago, I was working as a junior producer in the video game industry. My job was intentionally left undefined by the company. At the time, I found this role ambiguity annoying, but it was at least made clear to me that part of my job was ‘leadership’. Of course, I had anContinue reading “A Journey Into Leadership: Defining My Intuition”

Work Systems – Control is Limited

Work systems! Here we go again, I want to review some of the pragmatic ideas I’ve put forward in the previous articles at the start. First, remember that I see the primary purpose of a good work system as building alignment and relationships.  This gives rise to a couple of ideas: 1. A work systemContinue reading “Work Systems – Control is Limited”

Value and Learning – How to Prioritize

(originally published on LinkedIn by the author) I teach a class called “Agile Fundamentals” where I work. Among other things, we spend some time looking at different mindsets, types of work, and approaches to delivering value. We go into some detail looking at when value is achieved in strict plan-driven vs value-driven approaches. There’s aContinue reading “Value and Learning – How to Prioritize”

Black and White Decision Making – The Problems of Right/Wrong Framing

(originally published in LinkedIn by the author) Over the last 15 or so years I’ve regularly run into a faulty decision-making frame. At first it frustrated me because I couldn’t articulate it, but after putting some thought into it I came up with a way to describe it and a simple alternative frame I wantContinue reading “Black and White Decision Making – The Problems of Right/Wrong Framing”