Who We Are

Who We Are

Benjamin Carcich


Ben is a consultant, teacher and coach with experience developing leadership teams, managing and mentoring others, and guiding teams to produce products ranging from creative artwork to CI/CD systems. He specializes in big systems thinking, org and work system design, leadership development, and exploration of divergent perspectives. Ben is the ‘thinking’ arm of Valarin, exploring and expanding awareness so better decisions can be made.

Aaron Smith


Aaron is a consultant, teacher, and coach with experience leading, growing, and creating software development and game teams. He specializes in seeing and developing human connection, creating accountability in leadership groups, addressing conflict with deep care, executive management, and getting stuff done sustainably and well. Aaron is the ‘doing’ arm of Valarin, pushing through the ambiguity to results that matter.

Working Together

Ben and Aaron originally met in 2011 working as Producers at Riot Games. Over time their shared values but different perspectives led to a relationship where each could function as a foil and mirror for the other. Ben’s focus is on meaning and the graceful operation of complex systems. He seeks to build deep understanding in the people he coaches and leads. Aaron’s focus is on pulling out the things that drive us toward specific goals we set, setting crisp frameworks within which people can be successful, and what drives us forward. Both shared a belief that human systems are complex, interwoven, and relational. Only through understanding them and focusing on value are the best results achieved. Together they were and remain able to sort through large amounts of data with an eye for both the overarching system guiding behavior in any particular org and also what would truly help improve the environment. They spent some time working together on League of Legends, Riot’s flagship product, and later worked together again building out Riot’s platform for a multi-game future. After both departed Riot, they decided to team up and founded Valarin, Inc. Now they take what they learned individually and together into the world, improving organizations and helping individuals approach the world in a better way.

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